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My Testimony:

By God's grace, I was saved in 1970 in a small Baptist Church after hearing the Gospel, repenting my sin, and placing simple, childlike faith in Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross. I did not grow much during the following decade and slipped into sin at times. I experienced severe spiritual struggles later in life. It is a testimony to God's grace that he has restored me and has allowed me to serve him.

A little more about myself:

I live with my wife (Maryanne) and our rescue dog (Shadow) in San Diego, California where we were both born and have lived our entire lives. My family history goes back to the 1870s in San Diego when my first relatives arrived here in a covered wagon. We have been married for over 38 years. My wife is a retired neonatal critical care registered nurse and I am a retired mechanical designer. We both love nature (and so does Shadow). I love to backpack, mostly in remote areas where I can fast and pray without distraction. God has given me the ability to draw almost photographically and I hope to write and illustrate books about my wilderness adventures, sharing Biblical truths and the Gospel of Jesus Christ within them.

I was raised in the Presbyterian Church USA, but left that denomination in my youth to become an Independent Baptist. I am convinced that the Authorized ("King James") Version of the Bible is without any error and is God's very word for English speaking people. I am currently seeking a church home of like faith and am willing to relocate to wherever God wants us to serve. Having witnessed a great spiritual decline in churches, I am praying for God's will for us.

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