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Thou Didst Well

I'd like to tell you about something that happened yesterday at morning service in the hopes that God may speak to you through it.

There is a little girl (I am guessing that she is 6 years old or so) who was in the children's choir for yesterday's presentation. In an earlier presentation (maybe a year ago or so) her dress had fallen down in front of everyone and she had run off the platform crying and mortified. Today she had something she was supposed to say at a certain time but she forgot. Several of the other children tried to whisper to her that it was her time to speak but by the time she realized it she was so unnerved that she couldn't speak. She stayed up there for the remainder of the presentation but she was crying when all of the other children were singing and speaking about joyful things. When the children's presentation was over one of the other girls who has a soft heart walked her back into the other room outside of the main assembly area so she wouldn't have to feel any worse than she already did.

When I had been praying before the service with the men I had asked God to allow me to be a blessing to at least one person that day so I prayed right then that God would use me to help that little girl. I got up while the adults' presentation was going on and went to talk with her in the other room. I hugged her and told her what a great blessing she was to me because she had tried even though things hadn't worked out like she had hoped (In this way, I'm not so different than she is you know).

Do you remember how David had wanted to build God's house but couldn't?

But the LORD said to David my father,

Forasmuch as it was in thine heart

to build an house for my name,

thou didst well in that it was in thine heart:

II Chronicles 6:8

If a sinner like me was so moved and blessed by that little girl's effort to please God then certainly our Father in heaven who has no sin is pleased by our fumbling efforts to serve him.

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